Submitting music to Three From Leith

If you want to submit music to the show, here’s what to do:

Use the submission form below:

or send an email submission, attaching a track or two, along with a few paragraphs about yourself or the band (including any links to your webpage or MySpace page etc)

Alternatively, email me for my postal address to send CDs. Make sure you also include a note with anything you send, giving contact details and website URLs, so I know how to get back in touch.

If you have music on MySpace, the Podsafe Music Network, Garageband or similar sites that I can download to play, email me with a link so that I can find it, along with the aforementioned bio and contact / website details.

Will it get played ? Well, as the host & producer of the show, the decision ultimately rests with me. If I like the music, it’ll be added to my playlist; it’s that simple. If not, don’t worry – it doesn’t mean that the music’s bad or in any way inferior, it’s just that it doesn’t fit in with the style and content I’m aiming for on Three From Leith. If in doubt, have a listen to a few shows to get the feel for the music being played. If you’re still not sure, submit the music anyway and I’ll get back to you.

Do not, under any circumstances, submit music that is licensed (by which I mean music which I’d be expected to pay royalties on), unless you are the licensee and have expressly allowed play and waived any royalty payments.

By submitting music to Three From Leith you hereby grant me the right to use the music in the production of other music podcasts or podcast related endeavours where you will be recognised as the publishing artist and have the same links back to your site(s) as have appeared on the Three From Leith shownotes.

Any problems, suggestions or questions, give me a shout !

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