Feed OK ?

Is anyone having any issues getting the latest shows from the feed ? There’s been a sudden and suspiciously sharp drop in the stats over the last two weeks; please drop me a line or leave a comment if you’re having problems getting the shows.

Thanks !

Where does this show ??

7 Responses to “Feed OK ?”

  1. A Scotsman in Malaysia
    June 5th, 2006 05:23

    40 and 41 were slow to come up on iTunes AND very slow to download. I had a few attempts at both before I got them in full.

    Maybe people gave up or did not notice the issue?

  2. gabor
    June 5th, 2006 10:33

    ditto. I resorted to downloading direct. Most of the podcasts I listen to (as well as my own) are slow to show im iTunes.

  3. Stephen
    June 5th, 2006 15:10

    Itunes collected them for me with no problem

  4. Grant
    June 5th, 2006 16:20

    All very strange, I always check iTunes as soon as I post the show up and it’s always there straight away for me to download…

    I’m going to have to do some more digging to see what’s going on. Thanks for the feedback, guys !

  5. Linda
    June 5th, 2006 17:03

    Hi Grant… # 41 came through on iPodder fine, but I don’t seem to have # 40 on my ‘portable media player’, which shall go inameless. I’ll check through the iPodder log to see what happened with # 40 and will let you know.

  6. Bruce
    June 5th, 2006 22:32

    Grant, I’ve had no problems with RSS and Doppler. Bruce.

  7. A Scotsman in Malaysia
    June 8th, 2006 00:17

    #42 came through fine and quickly downloaded on iTunes.
    One thing I have noticed since getting a Mac is that the Windows version comes up quicker and downloads faster than the Mac version.

    Just a thought!!

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