Show 41 – Getting On A Bit

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My little girl was 6 yesterday, so I’m starting to wonder where the time is going these days. Time used to creep by as a child, yet it’s careering away downhill faster than I can keep up with now that I’m officially ‘old’. On Sunday morning Jasna asked me if I remembered what it was like in 1945…. I had to laugh otherwise I would probably have clipped her lug for her cheek ! (That was a joke, folks, before you get straight on the phone to Social Services.)

So I’m feeling like I’m getting on a bit. I have hair growing in places where only old men should have it sprouting. But what the heck – here’s some great music to keep me feeling like a teenager !

Scott Jackson – C’Mon C’Mon
In honour of Bob & AJ and their laugh about ‘The Grant’, this is a track from a fellow Canadian. ‘Distractions’, Scott’s latest album, is “in the can” and will soon be available. The release is set for mid-June, in conjunction with a tour of Western Canada. Sample it and pre-order it here.
Scott’s MySpace
Email Scott

Junk – Wouldn’t Get Out Of Bed (For Anyone But You)
An incredibly accomplished track from Glasgow’s John Smith; hard to believe that this was recorded in his ‘smelly flat’. The only smell I can get here is the sweet smell of success; this is a winner. Form an orderly queue at the cash desk after you pick this up off the virtual shelf.
Junk’s MySpace
Email Junk

Sugardaddy – The Young
From my hometown of Dalkeith, the band who are highly recommended by Pope Benedict ! Wow – and check out those influences. Chaps with immense dignity and taste, as befits the sons of what used to be a beautiful Midlothian town. First came Fish (ex-Marillion), now make way for the new boys in town !
Sugardaddy’s MySpace
(Contact Sugardaddy via their MySpace page)

This week’s Scottish Expression is absent – it will return next week.
The soundbed is ‘Essence Of Dreams’ by Catherine Duc
Three From Leith theme-tune by Alex Aitken

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One Response to “Show 41 – Getting On A Bit”

  1. gabor
    June 5th, 2006 10:36

    So Jasna’s 6, eh. We dads of (not so) little girls can get a bit dewy eyed remembering when they were tiny!

    Happy belated birthday Jasna. Hope your dad spoiled you. He spoiled me with the great music, and I see he didn’t have to go far to get it.

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