Show 40 – The Cow’s Pyjamas

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There are strange sights to be seen at the moment in Edinburgh and Leith. Bovine weirdness abounds, for we have been taken over by the participants in this year’s Cow Parade. There are decorated cows aplenty with names which are terrible puns on many everyday items, people, artworks, situations or characters.

The Cow's Pyjamas

Jasna and I spent Sunday going around Ocean Terminal in Leith, armed with our respective digital cameras, doing some serious cow-spotting. She was shooting some brilliantly-framed pictures with her cheap little 3Mp camera, and is showing great promise as a photographer already at the age of five. Dad and daughter had a great time filling our memory cards !

Then, on the way back home we came across another cow outside the Malmaison Hotel on the Shore. Designed by television’s camp interior designers Colin & Justin, it was a brilliant cow in pyjamas and a sleepmask going by the name of “The Cow’s Pyjamas” (a riff on the well-known phrase “The Cat’s Pyjamas” which is used to express excellence).

Afterwards, when it came to thinking about what to call this week’s show, it stood out as the perfect expression to describe the trio of brilliant tracks coming your way in show 40 !

Vanderveen – Weekend Full Of Weekends
A track I’ve been meaning to play since the very start of TFL in September 2005, but thanks to my memory it never made it in. Happily I’m able to remedy that now ! A classic track to replay on a Friday night. The video for it is here. Enjoy !
Vanderveen’s MySpace
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Contramano – Contramano
What can I say about this brilliant band and its music ? Engaging, catchy as hell and oozing quality. Utter genius ! Catch the excellent video for the track on their MySpace page below.
Contramano’s MySpace
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Chris Gorman – Ashes
This is the Glasgow singer-songwriter’s second appearance on Three From Leith (the first was on show 27), and since then he’s been featured on a number of other shows. Powerful, emotional and gripping.
Chris’s MySpace
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This week’s Scottish Expression is “Big jessie”.
The soundbed is ‘The Journey’ courtesy of Incidental Fusion on the PMN.
Three From Leith theme-tune by Alex Aitken

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