Problems downloading shows

I just received an email from Libsyn (who host the show files) today; apparently they’ve had a major issue with an incorrect DNS entry being propagated across the web which meant that the web was unable to correctly resolve the URL libsyn.com to the Libsyn IP address. In layman’s terms, the web couldn’t find it’s way to Libysn, even though it was there.

Here’s a direct quote from their email about the issue (the grammar and spelling mistakes are theirs, not mine) :

There’s a few layers of caching that occurs to make the Internet work, it seems.

    • 1) source name servers- this is the ones we control. We can make changes and they are done instantly cause we control them
    • 2) global/regional name servers- this is where our registrar pushes out the information we tell them. These we don’t control and update slower then our source

    • 3) local/ISP name servers- this is where your home computer gets its info from. They are run by the internet service providers (like Comcast or Verizon for example). These we don’t control either and update at their own rate.
    • 4) home computer- finally, your computer keeps its own cache so it doesn’t have to hit your ISP’s name servers everytime you hit a website you visit often. We definitely can’t control these. We suggest a reboot of your computer to possibly kick-start your computer’s dns cache.

So, if you ARE having issues getting shows – don’t fret too much. You will be able to get them just as soon as everything in the chain above is refreshed. My apologies for any inconvenience that this may be causing you.

Where does this show ??

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