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Sunday 10th April

Well, I did promise that I'd report on my experiences as a novice juicer soon, and soon has now come ! I've been juicing since the 1st April (and it's been no joke) and now feel confident enough to share how it's been shaping up. It's been great, and particularly tasty although a tad more expensive than I'd anticipated.

The Machine

So here's The Beast, lurking under the Emily Howard-esque title of "Juicelady Jr" :

I'\m a laydeeee

Beneath the plain, white lady-like exterior lurks a hairy-chested brute which pulverises and masticates its way through fruit like Jeremy Paxman through Michael Howard. I quickly learnt that The Beast will spit back if your fruit is small enough to drop down the feeding tube without having to be pushed. After a few lessons in picking flecks of citrus fruit from my eyelashes and the kitchen cabinets, I was gaining confidence. Then I realised that the whirling dervish of a motor was creating enough of a gale to be blowing further fruity spittle out the juice end of the metal monster. After further cleaning of kitchen surfaces and walls, I realised that it might be wise to make a 'shield' from clingfilm that covered the output end and the juice receptacle (otherwise known as either a glass or a jug).

And so I grew in confidence with every subsequent juicing session. I even dared to make some for Fiona, followed by some to take to work for a mid-morning citrus boost. Workmates were impressed. I was a Juicing God at last ! But there's a Dark Side.... it does take rather a lot of fresh produce to make a glass or two of juice, which does make it a heck of a lot more expensive than dumping a few 40p cartons in the trolley at Tesco. However, you get the satisfaction of knowing that:

It's a joy, it really is. Soon I'm going to start on the vegetable drinks and the recipes for improving various body parts (large melons, anyone ??!!). Then I may have more to report back on. Until then, here's my Citrus Special that's guaranteed to wake you up very quickly and get you up-and-at-'em ! Enjoy.

(Makes enough for 2 large glasses)
Take 4 oranges, one pink grapefruit and one lime and peel them.

Lovely, healthy fruit

Cut into large pieces that can be pushed through the feeder, and put them into the Juicer in any order you like. Et voila - serve with or without ice and whatever garnish takes your fancy. Delicious.

Citrus Special
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