Show 54 – Teenage Kicks

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I was a slightly weird teenager (yes, yes… and I know I’m still a weird adult) in that my music of choice was album-length instrumentals. I grew up idolising Mike Oldfield and his incredible multi-instrumental talents, followed later by Jean-Michel Jarre and Tangerine Dream. Only in my later teens did I branch out into progressive rock and then (via many other genres) back into electronic instrumental artists like Enigma and Deep Forest.

It’s with regret that, with very few exceptions over the first year of Three From Leith, I’ve almost ‘demoted’ instrumental artists to being soundbeds to my ramblings. Well, finally I’ve got around to putting things right and this week I celebrate some of the artists that you’ve heard me talk over during many a show as well as some new work from an artist new to Three From Leith. As one of tonight’s artists, Stephen Rafferty mentioned, “It’s great to see someone doing something for modern instrumental music; too often these days it’s a genre that’s completely ignored.” Well, not any more !

Aeryal – Lunar Saga
Miguel Samiez produces some astoundingly beautiful music which (being a fellow Mike fan) has some Oldfieldian touches in it. He has a trio of CDs available to but on his website if this piece and the first soundbed whet your appetite.
Aeryal’s MySpace
Email Aeryal

Torchomatic – Sunlit Harbour
My long-time favourite soundbed music on TFL from Simon Young, who creates some amazing electronic pieces which really set a scene and create the perfect atmosphere. He holds the record of being the most played artist in the show’s history – not bad for someone whose real name I didn’t know until last week !
Torchomatic’s MySpace
Email Torchomatic

Brought Up On Oysters – Long Ago and Far Away
The Scottish Mike Oldfield – golden-age Oldfield-esque musical excellence from Steve. Having just updated all of his recording equipment and spent some time familiarising himself with it, Steve’s now getting to work on an album which will hopefully be released in 2007.
Steve Rafferty’s MySpace
Email Steve via his MySpace page

John Young – Air Miles
Featured now in a number of shows as both a main artist and a soundbed artist, this is a live version of one of John’s ambient instrumental works. He’s got a huge catalogue of CDs to his name and you can find them to buy here.
John Young’s MySpace
Email John

Torchomatic – The Archway at Blenheim

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The Scottish Expression is still taking a well-deserved sabbatical. It shall return !
The soundbed was ‘Asteroid 5656’ by Aeryal.
Three From Leith theme-tune by
Alex Aitken

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One Response to “Show 54 – Teenage Kicks”

  1. gabor
    September 5th, 2006 20:41

    Sorry – been a bit lax on commenting while I took a couple of weeks off work. I too have talked over so much good instrumental music, and feel I need to give some of these excellent pieces more prominence. I hadn’t really listened to these two Torchomatic tracks – I found them as they are the only band on the PMN to come up when you search for Bill Nelson as an influence.

    I’m just downloading no 55, and looking forward to it.


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