Show 53 – Seeing Stars !

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Thumbs up from Jesus

Well, what a last week off on holiday ! I finally finished the redecoration of the livingroom and managed to get the TV bench/unit built and everything in a wired back up again correctly (thanks to me carefully labelling every cable and wire at both ends to say what it connected to). It looks very nice ! Then on Wednesday I met listener Marilyn from LA who was over in Scotland for her holiday and we spent a lovely afternoon together having lunch and chatting. Marilyn is a couturiere in film & TV so it was fascinating and thrilling to hear of the legendary actors and actresses she’s worked with. On Thursday we met up again and sat in on the recording of the TPN Edinburgh Fringe Show podcast where the host Ewan was interviewing Jesus, who is now a stand-up comic and spent a long time in Guantanamo Bay after explaining where he came from to US immigration officials. Afterwards we all went to the Pleasance Courtyard where I had a fab time star-spotting, then Marilyn and I had lunch again. It was a really great experience and I couldn’t have hoped to have met a nicer listener.

The podcasting community is creating some wonderful networks of friends across the world and I’m loving that friendship aspect. So, if anyone else is planning a trip to Edinburgh then do get in touch and let’s see if we can meet up and say hi !

Captain Pop – Your Papers Please
Steve Roberts kindly sent this great slice of jangly guitar pop to me recently and it’s all the more relevant given the recent security scares; the song is a protest against the proposed introduction of a national identity card scheme here in the UK. If you like the cut of the Captain’s music jib, rush over and buy his CD, “Shut Up & Sing” for £7.99 or download it from the great Internet ocean for the bargain price of £2.00. Avast ye landlubbers !
Captain Pop doesn’t have a MySpace page, but you can hear the album on Tagworld.
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Gum – Beyond The Horizon
From Leigh Miles and Raymond Weir comes this luscious delight from Gum’s latest EP, “Seven Feeble Alibis”. A man who can write music in vastly different styles, compare this to Raymond’s “Eisenhowers” track in a recent show. Talent that doesn’t lose its flavour on the bedpost overnight !
Gum’s MySpace
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Santa Dog – Pop Coloured
From their recent “Belle De Jour” EP comes this little gem from Row, Rob, Rob and Martin (pay attention at the back and don’t get their names confused – I’ll be asking questions later !). A track that brings back so many memories from the TFL showcase gig in April, which Santa Dog played at. Is it really that long ago now ? Maybe I should do another one….
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The Scottish Expression is still taking a well-deserved sabbatical. It shall return !
The soundbeds were ‘Bible White’ by John Young, ‘Flying Home’ by Charlie North and ‘Raining Colours’ by Torchomatic.
Three From Leith theme-tune by Alex Aitken

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One Response to “Show 53 – Seeing Stars !”

  1. Raymond
    August 27th, 2006 21:35

    Excellent show, Grant (apart from those chancers, Gum). Captain Pop had a touch of the XTCs in there with their jangly guitars, while the Santa Dog track had a great energy about it.
    I forgot to send you an audio comment before the 25th for your birthday show, so please accept this as my contribution.

    It’s been said before, but it has to be said again – podcasters have played a major part in what has been a complete transformation of the landscape for the struggling (i.e. undiscovered) musician. The exposure that our music gets through podcasting keeps us alive and helps us survive in the face of indifference from mainstream broadcasters, record companies and the general music establishment. The fact we can connect (and sometimes even sell CDs) to folk who might never see us perform or who might live on the other side of the world is, frankly, all the enouragement we need.
    Most of the musicians I know would make music regardless of any possiblity of financial reward, but the fact that podcasters allow us to connect with appreciative folk out there somehow makes it all the more worthwhile.
    It is hugely reassuring to find that there is an audience for our music out there, even if the record companies and radio stations tell us otherwise.
    So … I salute you and your colleagues in the podcasting fraternity. Keep on doing what you’re doing. You keep music alive in a way that commercial radio can’t even begin to understand. Lang may your lum reek!

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