Show 52 – The Man With The White Foot

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Almost there with the painting !

For the first time ever, I’ve had to put a show together in a bit of a hurry and it’s not something I like doing. It doesn’t allow me to fully prepare and it doesn’t allow me to talk about what I intended to talk about. Fortunately, I did have the final combination of music already in my mind for the show, so at least the selection had been carefully deliberated, cogitated and digested (with apologies to Lloyd Grossman for using his old catchphrase) before the final decision was reached.

Who is the mysterious man with the white foot ? Well, that was the idiot typing this who moved the stepladder whilst painting the livingroom, forgetting that the tub of white paint was still sitting on top…. it hit the bottom step and splattered its contents out sideways all over my right foot and (fortunately) the covers I had down on the floor and over the furniture.

The sight of the tight Scotsman trying to scoop as much of the spilled paint back into the tub so that he didn’t have to spend more money on a new tub was comical 😉

Id Guinness – Beautiful Goodbye Fade Mix Aug 06
Vancouver-based Id’s second submission to TFL, featuring more lovely fretwork from Curtis DeBray who I mentioned in Show 48 as being Gilmour-like. I’m really looking forward to Id’s album coming out later this year ! Until then, you can buy (or find out where to download) his current EP, ‘Rising River’ here.
Id’s MySpace
Email Id

Frantic Chant – Tangerines
I may have passed the guys in the street or stood next to them in a bar, but I wouldn’t know as they don’t like giving much away about themselves ! “FRANTIC CHANT FI LEITH”was the gist of their first ever email submission, but it isn’t important when they rock like this ! A great track from the local lads.
Frantic Chant’s MySpace
Email Frantic Chant

Ainslie Henderson – Dust
Another lovingly laid-back piece from the hirsute* Mr Henderson (wahey ! I got the surname right this time after getting it wrong in the first publication of the shownotes for show 43) from Edinburgh, whose new website and album have been born since his last appearance on the show. * see his photo page for details !
Ainslie’s MySpace
Email Ainslie

Oswald – Home
‘Coldplay meets U2 meets Radiohead with a twist’ says their website bio, and you will definitely see why when you listen to the track from this Glasgow trio. Thankfully, Tom McCreery doesn’t have Bono’s ‘sunglasses indoors at all times’ fetish !
Oswald’s MySpace
Email Oswald

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The Scottish Expression is still taking a well-deserved sabbatical. It shall return !
The soundbed is ‘Air Miles’ by John Young.
Three From Leith theme-tune by Alex Aitken

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2 Responses to “Show 52 – The Man With The White Foot”

  1. gabor
    August 17th, 2006 12:04

    Fab podcast Grant, I’ve listened 4 times. It’s either your husky voice or the music, not sure which.

    That’s a cracking song you got Id Guinness to give you. great guitar work. The album should be a gem.

    And I can forgive Oswald for sounding a bit like Coldplay, but they really shouldn’t overdo it.

  2. Christa Belle
    August 18th, 2006 12:10

    Hey Grant,

    again, lovely podcast! i quite liked your deep, husky sick voice. though, it didn’t sound like the usual you. we’re all sick here too, so i can totally sympathize! we should be all better in time for our tour… i hope!

    anyway, i agree with Gabor about Oswald and the Coldplay-ness. usually, i find that after listening to an artist that sounds similar to another, once you get into them, the likeness goes away a bit. Oswald was very enjjoyable to me and i, too, forgive any likeness to Coldplay 🙂 i LOVED the Ainslie Henderson track too. i remember liking them on another cast of yours. excellent! keep up the good work and i hope your foot is back to normal 😉

    take care,

    sicko Christa Belle

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