Win an SE Reflexion Filter worth $425 / £229 with PUM !

Musicians & Podcasters:

Are your podcasts marred by the hum of your computer fan? Do you have to stop in mid sentence because the neighbours can be heard through the walls? Would you like to filter out the sounds of those annoying birds outside your window? Would you like to be able to record your guitar solos in the convenience of your busy house?

PodcastUser Magazine and Sonic-Distribution are giving you a chance to be able to filter out those problems with the first competition at Podcast User Magazine! This is a $425 (£229) piece of kit that will provide you with acoustic insulation for the microphone in your podcasting or recording studio.

So, what on earth IS a Reflexion Filter?
The Reflexion Filter is a portable device that reduces ambient sound in a room when you record live sound sources. It is a wall, made from an advanced composite material, that can be positioned behind any microphone by means of an adjustable and included clamp. The main function of the filter is to help obtain a ‘dry’ vocal or instrument recording. The Reflexion Filter can be especially useful in studios that do not have proper acoustic treatment, but it can also be used for recording within the control room, to muffle the sounds of the switches and buttons on various devices, and in a rehearsal studio, to reduce ambient noise.

Download Podcast User Magazine Issue 7 ** free **, check out pages 7 & 8 and enter by August 31, 2006. You can’t win if you don’t enter!

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