The Christmas Show 2007

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And so we come to yet another Christmas here on Three From Leith, and Santa’s sack is bulging with festive musical goodies for everyone. There are happy songs, sad songs, songs about scampi and the customary rude Christmas song (I can’t let Christmas go by without a little seasonal smut now, can I ?). Settle down with your mince pies and mulled wine and enjoy:

Skid Row – Jingle Bells

Dropkick – Scampi For Christmas

Malcolm Middleton – We’re All Going To Die

Epic Hero – God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Dead Beat Club – Shopping Mall Santa

Rusty Bladen – Feels Like Christmas

Hot Club De Paris – Will You Still Be In Love With Me Next Year ?

Winzenried – Here Comes Santa Claus

Volume Brothers – Disappointingly Sober

Pocket Gods – W*nking For Christmas

The soundbed was ‘Bluegrass Jingle Bells’ by Carl Vasta
Three From Leith theme-tune by Alex Aitken

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One Response to “The Christmas Show 2007”

  1. ladymermaid
    January 3rd, 2008 06:06

    Hello Grant- remember me- Lauran from The GangBangs UK? I wanted to alert you:1)you are on myspace.com/thegangbangsuk
    2)I can’t get chinga thing to record- “license is expired”-hmmm
    3)Oh, I was in Forbes magazine with ejamming.com (Dec 2007) having an idea to do studio/live music projects online instead of using speaker phones;-) can check out my podcast “Help Me Finish My Song” : web.mac.com/ladymermaid
    or on myspace.com/thegangbangsuk– and scroll down to see the RSS feeds/podcast info.
    So how is YOUR 2008 so far? You are funny and have a great personality. I was in Paisley this past October for a great aunt’s death and then 2 weeks later her husband died– he was henpecked and we all thought he would be RELIEVED and jumping for joy but .. uncle Jack just closed his eyes and died of lonliness and lack of arguing with his wife. 😉

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