Show 100 – What’s your pleasure ?

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100 weeks of podcasting. 100 weeks of tracking down the best music from across the world. 100 weeks of recording and editing. 100 weeks of shownotes. 100 weeks of tipping off the bands that they’re on. 100 weeks of uploading the files to Libsyn. 100 weeks of watching audience figures rise and fall on Feedburner. 100 weeks of waffling. 100 weeks of the best fun I’ve ever had, the best music I’ve ever heard and the best audience of any podcast keeping me going and letting me know how much they enjoy and support the artists they’ve heard.

Thanks to each and every one of you for listening and staying with TFL. It makes every minute spent creating each show worthwhile. And the biggest thanks go to the artists – cheers all. Words cannot express what every note has meant to me.

Globus – Orchard Of Mines
See full Globus details on Show 91

Stavia – Lucky Day
See full Stavia details on Show 57

Contramano – Checking U
See full Contramano details on Show 19

Tally Hall – Bananaman
See full Tally Hall details on Show 59

Stop Starts – Metronome
See full Stop Starts details on Show 31

Seagull Strange – Love & Death
See full Seagull Strange details on Show 74

Dylan Donkin – Make A Choice
See full Dylan Donkin details on Show 51

Dropkick – Give It Back
See full Dropkick details on Show 87

Hungry Lucy – Her Song
See full Hungry Lucy details on Show 15

The soundbed is ‘Mists of Maratanza’ by Nick and Gerald.
Three From Leith theme-tune by Alex Aitken

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Thank you for continuing to support the independent artists in 2007 by listening, feeding back and buying their music.

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4 Responses to “Show 100 – What’s your pleasure ?”

  1. Richard
    July 24th, 2007 04:39

    You made it! Get in there! All the best for the next 100 shows and beyond. Cheers, Richard

  2. Bruce
    July 25th, 2007 00:30

    Hey Grant, congrats on 100 of the best music podcasts anywhere on the internet.

    It’s been an absolute pleasure to listen to the shows over the last two years, all presented with the wit and warmth that has endeared you to your loyal band of listeners.

    How you’ve managed to put out a ton of shows with such regularity is beyond me. But, and I say this from a purely selfish perspective, I hope it’s the first big milestone of many more to come.

    Cheers, Bruce.

  3. Pete Cogle
    July 25th, 2007 13:32

    Great show Grant!

    Loved to hear Yasna’s new inerts, especially the “old man trying to be trendy” – fantastic!

    One day, you too can have no life and do two shows a week!!! 😉


  4. gabor
    July 31st, 2007 12:52

    So much great music to choose from in just 100 shows! I’d forgotten some of these, but they were all great.

    And we dads can get a bit soppy about our daughters, eh.

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