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I just received the following – please go and listen to Gabor’s tribute !!

Dear All – and Mark

the electrical language podcast no 77 is a celebration of the tartanpodcast, and many thanks to those of you who have helped with support, ideas and contributions

1. Turn Off Your Radio (Turn Me On Instead) by Dropkick
2. My Heart Sinks by Hotrod Cadets
3. After All by The Hazey Janes
4. You (Always On My Mind) by Brackenridge morphing into the version by Evangeline
5. Sun Splits The Sky by Gum
6. Call Centre Blues by The Boy Lacks Patience
7. It Angers Me So by Finniston
8. Yeah, You Can Be My Muse by Amplifico
9. Interference by Electrum
10. Beggarstown by Hollow Horse

Contributions (read by me and audio) by:

* Alastair Taylor (Dropkick)
* Alastair Bishop (Hotrod Cadets)
* Raymond Weir (Gum)
* Paul and Judy Hutchinson (Total Podcastrophe)
* Mark Hunter (but he doesn’t know that!)

Moral support by Grant Mason and Linda Mills: thanks guys.

And thanks to Mark Hunter

Where does this show ??

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