Show 74 – Sir Cliff’s Fate

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My head is more together this week, or at least my brain’s working in unison with my tongue ! Sunday past was friend and listener Marilyn’s birthday – Happy Birthday, Marilyn !!! In celebration of this fact, the show opens with a band that she recommended to me. When I approached the band and mentioned that a friend of mine in the US had given me their name, they said, “Would that have been Marilyn ?” So, if you have a favourite independent (and podsafe) band you’d like to hear and bring to other lister’s attention, drop me a line or leave a comment. In the meantime, enjoy the liveliness, emotion and downright daft humour of this week’s line up.

The Towers – Stop. Wake Up
A huge favourite in the Madsen household over in LA, which I can appreciate now that we’ve been introduced to each other ! Get their new 12-track CD, ‘Pop By Numbers – the EP Collection’ by clicking here.
The Towers’ MySpace
Email The Towers

Seagull Strange – Love and Death
Hauntingly powerful and dripping with emotion, this second outing from Seagull Strange on TFL is a stunner. Their album, “Better Angels of Our Nature”, is now available for pre-order, at a discounted price, from Shifty Disco. If you place your order before the release date of 29th January 2007, you’ll also get exclusive access to “Black Day Dawning”; a free, non-album, download.
Seagull Strange’s MySpace
Email Seagull Strange

Dumb Instrument – What If Cliff
Combining a stripped-down backing with cynically funny lyrics, this paen to the UK’s virginal friend of Jesus and Peter Pan Of Pop, Sir Cliff Richard, is a pure joy to listen to. I laughed myself silly and immediately emailed friends from work with the band’s MySpace link. This, and other new versions of their tracks will be released this year on the band’s first EP, “Songs, ya Bas”.
Dumb Instrument’s MySpace
Email Dumb Instrument via their MySpace page.

The soundbed was ‘Sunlit Harbour’ by Torchomatic.
Three From Leith theme-tune by Alex Aitken

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Big props given out to:
The Morrisons – last week I stated that they didn’t have a MySpace when – in fact – they did. Click the link to hear more of their jangly, sparkly tracks.
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