Show 25 – The Silver Show !

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(Apologies if this appears as a repost – having a few teething troubles getting iTunes to register the new site feed)

I can’t believe that’s show 25 reached already ! It only seemed like yesterday (though listening back to show 1 I’m glad it wasn’t) since I took a mad turn on a day off from work and decided to see if I could knock a podcast together. And my aim for the show is working – I received an email this morning from a listener who’d just bought the CDs from all three of the artists featured on show 15. Owen, you’re a shining example of showing commitment to – and helping to support – independent artists. Thank you. And a huge thank you from me and from all the bands and artists who you’ve all supported over the last 25 shows and hopefully will continue supporting for many more shows to come.

Three From Leith Showcase Gig – yes, it’s coming on the 14th April ! Featuring Santa Dog from Bristol with Chocyamo and Opal Sky from Edinburgh. More details in the blog entry below.

A bumper double-helping of poptastic podsafe this week from:

Karma – Tula

IT – Hang On Tom

Hollow Horse – Forget The Girl

eddyfink – This Is Where We Land

Opal Sky – Dead & Gone

The Rushes – Venom

The amazing Oldfieldian soundbed was ‘The Hands Of Time’ by Brought Up On Oysters

Thanks to Alex Aitken of www.computermusictutorials.com for the new theme tune.

News, reviews, features and all things podcasting for the listener and creator at www.podcastusermagazine.com

Thank you for continuing to support the independent artists in 2006 by listening, feeding back and buying their music.

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Where does this show ??

4 Responses to “Show 25 – The Silver Show !”

  1. Donna Morris
    February 7th, 2006 19:22

    Nice site! New looks rocks.

  2. Linda
    February 8th, 2006 04:51

    Congratulations on the new site, Grant. Looks good! Firefox bookmark entered, and old one deleted, per instructions. Glad to see the bookmark picture is the same as before!

    Give a hug to my fellow DropKick fan…
    How soon will she be writing for Podcast User Magazine?

  3. gabor
    February 10th, 2006 14:51

    Excellent show Grant. I’m pleased to have played a tiny part in it.

    6 excellent tracks. I really enjoyed them all, every single one. The intro music is good, as well. Jasna needs her own show!

  4. Three From Leith » Blog Archive » Show 56 - 1 Year Young (part 2)
    September 12th, 2006 04:54

    […] Hollow Horse – Forget The Girl From show 25 […]

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