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Apologies for the late posting

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

Apologies – I appear to have been hit by the dreaded WordPress ‘Missed Schedule’ bug where scheduled posts fail to publish at the specified time.

Unfortunately, I was so busy today I forgot to check on whether TFL had published at 5.30am this morning and only remembered tonight. And when I did, Show 287 was MIA…. I’ve rectified that now by manually publishing it so it’s now available to the world!

I’m trying a temporary solution via CRON job on my web hosting for now – and if this post gets published I’ll know that it has worked and will be ready for the next TFL show’s publication date.

Until then – cheerio!

Show 287 – It’s That 80s Show!

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

Listen here or use the player on the right, though I’d love you to subscribe !

Flu defeated, it’s time for a trip back to the 80s with some eighties-influenced synth-pop from the current day. Hard to conceive that the 80s were 30 years ago, and even stranger to think back to what you were doing back then! So, put on those rose-tinted specs and come with me back to those carefree days of my teens…

Filter Distortion – Black and White

Smoking Ghosts – Dance The Disillusionment Away

I, Us & We – Lanterns

Filter Distortion – Frequency Modulation

The soundbed was ‘Ephemeral Living’ by Zero Project
Three From Leith theme-tune by Alex Aitken

Big props given out to:
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AMP’ed podcast – subscribe with this feed

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