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Show 227 – The Christmas Show 2010

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

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Here we are again, almost at the end of the year, and it’s time for the legendary Christmas Show! Delayed by a few days due to the late provision of recorded parts from Jasna, I was almost scuppered again when the software crashed right at the end of the 2hr period of recording, and lost everything other than the first three tracks! Fortunately, I’d enjoyed putting it together so much that it wasn’t a hassle to do it again; any excuse to listen to all the tracks one more time:-) So, suck on a sprout, wrap your molars round a mince pie, tickle the turkey and immerse yourself in a fantastic seasonal musical selection box. Enjoy & have a wonderful holiday.

Skid Row – ‘Jingle Bells’

Winzenried aka Hollywood Drunks – ‘We Three Kings’

Cathedral Brass – ‘Joy To The World (Mocean Worker Remix)’

Quiet Company – ‘Do You Hear What I Hear’

Dropkick – ‘I May Never’ / ‘When Santa Comes Round’

The Lancashire Hotpots – ‘Carry You Home’

Natalie McCool – ‘At Christmas Time’

The Pipettes – ‘Santa’s On His Way’

Winzenried aka Hollywood Drunks – ‘It Came Upon A Midnight Clear’

Mahalia Jackson – ‘Silent Night (46Bliss Remix)’

The soundbed was ‘Bluegrass Jingle Bells’ by Carl Vasta
Three From Leith theme-tune by Alex Aitken

Thank you for supporting the independent artists in 2010 by listening, feeding back and buying their music.

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Christmas Show will now be available on Friday!

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

Kids, eh? Totally unreliable… 😉 Jasna promised to deliver me some vocal files by Tuesday night, and in the end she didn’t get round to them until Wednesday night, so I’m now set to record on Thursday. I might get the show up before the end of the day, otherwise it’ll be Christmas Eve.

Christmas Show coming on Thursday

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

The Christmas Show will be coming your way on Thursday 🙂

Show 226 – Back On The Air

Monday, December 13th, 2010

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Isn’t technology wonderful? Yes, it’s more often than not a wonderful enabler, but when it goes wrong it’s a right royal pain in the backside! Hopefully I’ve resolved my PC issues to a level that – whilst not totally cured – will enable the podcast to proceed with much less trauma than the last few weeks of non-appearances! So, settle back, dust off those ears and enjoy the welcome return of great independent music!

A Family of Strangers – ‘Don’t Forget’

The Boat People – ‘Antidote’

Serial Twin – ‘Things That I’m Fearing’ / ‘I’m Wrong’

The soundbed was ‘Aurora’ by Bryan El
Three From Leith theme-tune by Alex Aitken

Big props given out to:
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AMP’ed podcast – subscribe with this feed

Thank you for continuing to support the independent artists in 2010 by listening, feeding back and buying their music.

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PC still misbehaving…

Monday, December 6th, 2010

Yes, no joy again this week with the recording. I had to abandon it yet again after many failed attempts to get something which didn’t sound like fragments of a conversation spliced together from odd tapes.

I’m on holiday after Friday 10th, so I’ll get a chance to take an extended period to overhaul the PC, clear out the CPU-hogging nonsense, defrag the HDs and install & run a few clean-up tools. After that, I should be able to get things working again.

Keep your fingers & toes crossed for me!

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