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Three Men In A Pod 2

Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

Yes, it’s time for another edition of Three Men In A Pod, where Gabor, Neil and I present a selection of music typical of each of our shows. After listening, please subscribe to the other shows if you enjoy what they’re doing – or recommend them to your friends / family / pets if you think they’d enjoy them instead !

Three From Leith

– Man Of The World
Swedish For Beginners – Magical Machines
A Singer Must Die – The Fallow Land
Seagull Strange – Love’s Sick Disease

Soundbed – ‘The Path’ by Alex Tiuniaev

Electrical Language Podcast

Mobius Band – The Loving sounds Of Static
My Favorite – Burning Hearts
A Band Called Quinn – The Next Time

Well Made Music

Aoyoma – Caravane
Location – Paris, France
Band members – Fabrice Mougin
Information – Fabrice Mougin composes for television. The Aoyoma project was born with these ideas in mind: to tell stories, draw paintings, create an atmosphere and put characters on a stage. With Aoyoma, unlike his work for television, the film is imaginary. The song Caravane is about the desert and its people.

Audiomas – Traveller
Location – Los Angeles, USA
Band members – Mark Schwartzman, mastering by Brian Stroner
Information – In addition to creating his own music, Audiomas has been working as an audio engineer in film and television. In a recent email mark said “Thank you very much for choosing Traveller to be on your show. It is much appreciated. Feel free to say what you would like about me and my music. I have nothing to add, other than I enjoy the creative process and would love to think others enjoy the sounds I have created.”

Slow Dancing Society – A Song To Help You Remember To Forget
Location – Spokane, Washington, USA
Band members – Drue Sullivan & Friends
Information – I believe in the past I’ve said Slow Dance Society rather than Slow Dancing Society. Drue says this is “no biggy” but I apologise nonetheless.
Drue tells me that two albums are in the pipeline. The albums are concept albums about Winter and Summer respectively. The first one, out in Autumn, will be a very cold sombre sounding album while the second, to follow in the Summer, will be something a little warmer in tone.
Thanks to Cam at Hidden Shoal for permission to play Slow Dancing Society on the podcast. Cam has asked me to point you in the direction of Hidden Shoal because it’s the labels 1st birthday (happy birthday from WWM) and they are giving away a new sampler album (with a Slow Dancing Society track on it) as well as other prizes.

(With many thanks to all of those who graciously gave up their time and talents to produce the intros and bumpers – The Three Men)

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Three Men In A Pod – No 1

Tuesday, February 13th, 2007

Listen here or use the player on the right, though I’d love you to subscribe !

Yes, for the last while, three fine, upstanding gentlemen of the podcasting community have feverishly beavered away in secret to bring you a collaborative show which – just for fun – combines a taster of each of our shows for your fine, discerning ears. It’s a chance for you to discover what we each do, and to encourage you to visit the other podcasts and sample their wares more fully. We all encourage you to drop one or t’other of us a note to tell us what you think, but firstly just sit back, put your feet up and enjoy this extra helping of Well Made Music, Three From Leith and The Electrical Language Podcast, under the Three Men In A Pod banner.

Neil – Well Made Music

Chromata – ‘Koita’
Davide Arneodo – Il ‘Piccolo Fuoco Fatuo’
Davide’s Myspace
Under – ‘Keep On Moving’
Under’s Myspace

Grant – Three From Leith

Don Lennon – ‘Young People Need Guidance’
Freddy – ‘Free’
The Martial Arts – ‘Finale’
Soundbed was Fumitaka Anzai – SadSequence_Part1-2(edited)

Gabor – the electrical language podcast

Starfish64 – ‘On Either Side’
Lunascape – ‘Mindstalking’
Lazy Sinatra – ‘Why Don’t You Ask You’
Soundbed: Torchomatic – ‘White Hotel’

Neil, Grant and Gabor want to thank all their friends who provided voice tracks for this podcast: Rob, Cynthia, Bruce, Skippy, War-N, Christabelle, Linda, Freddy and Id.

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