It’s not just junk food, fizzy drinks and expensive toys that we need to worry about them targetting kids with in TV adverts.

Just last week I was explaining to J that I was always skint because I was paying off debts, but that hopefully by April this year I’ll have paid them all off. “Have you ever considered consolidating all of your existing debts into one easy monthly payment ?” came the sage advice from this savvy six year-old. My jaw dropped. “Or you could get a One Card and reduce the payments on your mortgage,” she continued.

I dropped her bedtime storybook and nearly fell off her bed. “Where”, I sputtered, “did you hear THAT ?”

“It’s on Nick Jr all the time when I watch it at Mum’s”.

For once I’m glad I only have terrestrial telly ; if they’re manipulating the minds of kids so that they grow up believing that debts are nothing to worry about , then the future generations are going to be in hock forever.

Pity your poor kids in their middle-age.