It’s amazing how a few scrapes (albeit large-ish ones) can cause so much bloody bother.

The infection in them all is still well-established and showing no sign of clearing up yet; the antibiotics are making me feel constantly queasy and my arm and leg are still very, very sore.

Whilst I was in getting my all-new, combined tetanus/hep/polio shot this morning, I asked the nurse to have a look and tell me if things should still look as bad after almost three days of antibiotic use; you could see her pale a little when she saw just my elbow. After consulting with another more senior nurse, I had the wound washed, swabbed clean of the antiseptic cream I’d put on this morning and had some weird jelly-soaked bandage laid on it (looking for all the world like a tiny, slimy string vest) and covered with a forearm-length adhesive dressing and topped off with an elasticated tubular bandage. This lot has to be kept dry for two days and then cleaned / changed again by the nurse. She also gave me a kit to do the same for my knee and leg at home, as there was no time to do them during my slot (which was just supposed to be for my jab).

So…. I’m going to be unable to shower or bath for two days; I’ll be humming to high heaven by then !!

That’s the lastest news. Officially feeling totally kack, still leaking custard from my scrape sites and still feeling very sore and tender. Who said cycling was good for you ?