Dear Tesco,

The whole point of you putting an extra little enquiry desk in your store at Hardengreeen in Dalkeith was so that customers could ask for help. You do know understand the concept of ‘help’, don’t you ? You should, given that you continually use the slogan ‘Every Little Helps’ in your press & TV advertising.

Perhaps you could tell the sour-faced old trout and her blonde companion on the desk by the pet food aisle at around 10.40am today, Saturday 24th June 2006, that blatantly ignoring the tall guy with the bandaged elbow for five minutes so you could talk to each other was rude, ignorant and bloody annoying. (I originally typed something far more foul and in keeping with my feelings on the matter, but I’m a damn sight more polite than your staff so I left it out.)

Giving him a foul glare as he gave up and walked off wasn’t perhaps the best example of customer care either.

Perhaps you could restaff your store with some young Polish workers. We have lots of them at work and it’s a delight to get a welcoming cheery smile, unerringly polite service and a bit of friendly chatter every day. They could certainly teach the sour old Scots you employ at the moment a thing or two about customer service.

In the meantime, perhaps you could change your current slogan to “Tesco – ignorance with a scowl”. It’s certainly been my experience today.