September 2006

Thu 28/09/2006 07:20 A lovely glow enveloped the Shore this morning as I waited for the bus after sleeping in by an hour. All I had was my mobile, but it catches the light nicely even if the composition is awful.

Quite literally, in fact.

I really don’t know where certain cultures get their particular culinary choices from. I mean, who decided that tripe would be a good thing to eat ? Imagine the conversation –

Hot dogs' sausages
  • “Uh-huh. So you ripped out it’s shitebag and were thinking of doing what with it ?”
  • “Boiling it for a wee while and then eating it. Thought it might be quite tasty in fact.”
  • “Jeeez… I think it’s time you went back to your solitary cave and continued your conversation with Shuggie, your pet rock.”

And if you think that we have shit taste (sic) in food, wait until you catch this lot. Quite what Mr Guo was thinking of does take some working out; I reckon he’s not quite the full shilling given what he decided his restaurant would specialise in – big dogs’ cocks. Fido’s willies. Alsation john-thomases. Pooch penises.

I mean – why in God’s name would ANYONE sane want to get their laughing tackle round an animal’s tackle ? But it appears that this place is doing good business and the patrons believe (rightly or wrongly) that the ingestion of dangly bits is doing them good.

Personally, I’d side with Jim Royle and shout “Dog’s knobs MY ARSE !”, but since bull’s perineum is also a delicacy on the menu I fear many people are already talking through a bovine’s bumhole when they claim it tastes nice.

Enjoy your dinner !

I know the site’s not been updated in ages, but I’m not abandoning it. Life’s just been a little busy over the last month and poor old Waterside Tales has been low on my priorities list.

Fear not, though – I’ll be back with more random ramblings and scary photos soon. Bear with me until then….