I was delighted to see that there’s a vigilante in Hampshire slashing the tyres of motorists he’s spotted driving whilst using their mobile phones.

These selfish fu*kwits deserve everything they get, especially the one who nearly had me off my bike in a Tesco pedestrian-only area.

Personally, I’d love to walk up to their cars at junctions / lights with a baseball bat and smash their windscreens in for them before they can try steering round the corner and changing gear with one hand. They’re nothing more than potential killers who believe that the law doesn’t apply to them. The other week as I left work on my bike I almost collided with another lunatic female who was driving round the roundabout whilst texting on her phone and not looking at the road at all.

I’m sure they’d be very apologetic to the family of their victims and sob in court claiming that it was all a stupid mistake and they’re really sorry. Yeah, right. I propose that anyone caught using a mobile whilst driving should have their hands chopped off- that’d stop them ever doing it again 😉

Oh yes, and if it was man I’d cut off their goolies too for good measure !! Heh heh.