July 2006

Sun 30/07/2006 14:25

I’ve always wondered how they got those new boats along the Shore, given that access from the sea is blocked by a concrete road bridge and the now-static Victoria swing bridge. Well, now I know. Take one massive crane, a boat on a supersized trailer and some workmen holding ropes. Lift above the streetlamps, swing over the top of an existing boat and back round to plop in the water in its new berth. Stir in a big crowd of onlookers, stopped traffic and some sun and you have the answer.

Great entertainment for a slow Sunday afternoon; who needs the Festival ?

There’s a great new photo-sharing / community site out there called Zooomr and it’s giving away free 2.5Gb Pro accounts to bloggers ! Show them your support and sign up today; I have.

This post is my entry into their free account system, and features a photo of Edinburgh’s finest alt-country-power-pop band, Dropkick, taken at their new CD launch night at the Caledonian Backpackers in Edinburgh on the 22nd July. It’s not turned out too badly considering it was taken in the dark on the far-end of my compact’s limited optical zoom.

Dropkick 01Dropkick 01 Hosted on Zooomr

Mon 17/07/2006 07:13 It’s coming off ! The lightest I’ve been for about 2 years. 15 stone, here I come !

Sun 16/07/2006 15:56
Date stone

J and I found this date stone set in the wall of what would once have been a railway platform along the Water of Leith cyclepath. It means I cycle along a route first laid out over 146 years ago. Would the Victorians ever have foreseen the death of their new railways and their rebirth for use by cyclists ?

It’s somewhat humbling to know that their handiwork survives, despite the 21st Century’s best efforts to destroy it.

I doubt they’ll be saying the same thing about our creations in 2152, somehow.

Sat 15/07/2006 14:39 Mum & Dad

I can now post from Nokia’s Lifeblog on my phone to my blog ! Here’s my parents enjoying the heat in their garden today. This gadgetry is going to make Croila green with envy….. 😉

Sat 15/07/2006 08:15 Just a wee test post direct to the blog !

I don’t ever remember scabs being so damn itchy ! The elbow one wasn’t too bad, but the knee and calf scabs were worse than midgie bites and mosquito bites combined.

I howked away at them for days (though always through material so I wasn’t picking anything off that wasn’t ready to come off ).

Only a few stubborn scabs left, though the healing skin itself is very dry and looks in need of some serious moisturising. Maybe I should use that Compeed stuff I use when my feet fry out and split open…

Is there any time I’m not a wreck somewhere on my body these days ? I thought this nonsense didn’t start until at least the mid-40’s !

Gaah. Back on the bike tomorrow for the first time since I fell off. Fingers crossed that I don’t do it again (at least for a while, although there was that lovely young nurse who changed my dressings……)

Since I finally got to speak to a pleasant human being at Orange, I’ve decided to withdraw my last posting. I kept my cool whilst waiting over 20 minutes in a queue on the phone and was rewarded by the Customer Service rep passing me through to Customer Retentions.

Lo and behold, as well as keeping my existing monthly package of calls and WAP access they’re throwing in 100 free texts (I currently pay for a 120 text bundle, so there’s £8 a month knocked off my costs) and knocking over £100 off the price I was being asked for a Nokia N80 in the Orange Shop.

In fact, it may end up being even cheaper – they’re out of stock and I’ve been told that the price may be even less when they get the next batch in over the next 2 – 3 days.

I’m often accused of being a grumpy old man (at 38 !) and moaning about everything, but here’s one occasion where being a whinger has knocked almost £110 off the price of a spanky new mobile.

I’m dedicating my life to the worshipping of my new hero, Victor Meldrew !!