Monday 22nd May

Apologies once more for the huge gap in updating the site ! Been a bit busy with other things. There are some pics of the Cow Parade cows from around Leith now up in Other Photos.

Sunday 15th Jan

When Ron was over with Gill in September 2005, he went to the Jazz Club one night and ended up singing a few numbers. As a result, the owner arranged a benefit gig a week or so later to raise funds for the musicians of New Orleans after the hurricane destroyed their livelihoods. Star attraction ? Ron Joseph himself ! Pics up under Family Photos.

Thursday 29th December

Christmas Day 2005 pictures up, along with Slovenia 2003. I'm starting to add older stuff, as promised !!

Friday 23rd December

A couple of photos from Grandad's 90th birthday back in March have now been put up under 2005 / Family Photos.

Photo of the week

Sign for the laundry house, on the wall near the Stable Yard in Dalkeith Country Park. Olympus C-40 digital.

Dalkeith Palace Laundry House sign
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